To Look, Or Not To Look: That Is The Question

Who says seeing each other before the wedding is bad luck? And who needs luck when you have love?

A first look is that special moment a few hours before the ceremony when you can see each other for the first time on your wedding day. It’s seeing each other before anyone else can. It’s taking away nerves and embracing a special moment.

Here are 5 Things to Look out for When Doing a First Look!

1. Look for honest, raw emotion, captured in a private, romantic setting. That initial reaction to seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day can be very emotional. Why not have it all to yourselves? Plus, you can embrace, smooch, jump for joy, or do a happy dance (whatever comes to you). If you have tears, makeup can be fixed just before the ceremony.

2. Look calm, cool, and collected going down that aisle. Say goodbye to cold feet and take away all the nerves from the big day. Grooms can really feel the pressure right before the ceremony starts. Tension builds and by the time he’s at the altar everyone is staring. After your first look, he’ll feel relaxed and ready to say/or repeat those vows.

3. Look for some quality alone time before the ceremony and reception. Once you two are hitched, everyone will want to get in on the love! During your first look we can get all those amazing poses you dogeared in that bridal magazine before your ceremony. Your professional photographer can get more photos of you two together in a private setting without everyone vying for your attention

4. Look for more quality daylight for your beautiful pictures. Typically after the ceremony, you will be surrounded by your loving guests paparazzi-style to get the first Mr. & Mrs. pictures. Even if your reception doesn’t start until the evening, depending on the season you will feel the rush to get optimal lighting. You’ll get more pictures with better results.

5. Look to save time during the cocktail hour/reception. Often times wedding pictures are taken after the ceremony during the cocktail hour, usually taking longer than an hour. How great would it be to enjoy your cocktail hour WITH your guests! With a first look, you can save time and potentially money during the reception since those pictures are already taken!

First looks are the perfect accompaniment to your wedding and can be incorporated in creative ways and places.

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