5 Reasons Why Intimate Weddings Take the Cake…Literally!

When it Comes to Weddings, Size Matters!

It’s easy to blow your wedding budget these days. The bill for the venue alone will send you crying to the bank. Now, more than ever, couples are opting for an intimate wedding, not only for their wallets but to put themselves at ease. Intimate weddings typically include 75 guests or less and have a more low-key style.

During an intimate wedding, NBP brings the focus back on the couple, surrounded by who matters the most in their lives. NBP captures your special moment without having to edit out the stress of a larger, more hectic extravaganza.

1. Budget Friendly

There’s no surprise here, having a smaller, more intimate wedding definitely saves you money! You are free to invite those who are most important to you, and not your creepy cousin who was twice removed and photobombed nearly every picture. NBP will highlight what and who really matters to you.

2. Quality Time

I have photographed couples that didn’t get a chance to eat at their own wedding reception, let alone sit, because they were too busy navigating their 40 tables of guests. Intimate weddings allow you to spend quality time face time with your friends and family without being overwhelmed or distracted. These candid moments with loved ones shows beautifully in NBP portraits.

3. Creative Venues, More Choices

Most intimate weddings can be done anywhere because there aren’t any space limitations. Pick a new and exciting destination, dress up an old barn that has been in your family for generations or have it in your backyard. Having a smaller wedding allows you to splurge on other areas, like top-shelf bar selections, more, elegant flowers or an intricate, personalized, tastier cake (no one likes dry cake, NO ONE). No matter where or what you choose, NBP can capture the essence of your commitment and love.

4. It’s a Family Affair

With a smaller guest list, you can involve everyone in the ceremony. Depending on the size of your event, each loved one can share a special prayer or reading at the ceremony, encircle you both as you exchange vows or even share one big table at the wedding reception. NBP can help create and photograph these special moments.

5. Lasting Impression

You and your loved ones will remember and cherish the memories from your intimate wedding. It wasn’t the typical, huge event wedding, where they ate dry chicken and got stuck at the kids’ table. They were a part of your unforgettable union, they ate and drank GOOD, they had a GREAT time and most of all they were a part of your backdrop highlighting your love and commitment.

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