Baby A & Family ~ Maryland Newborn and Family Photographer

I got to know Eric through my daughter’s child care center. He’s a teacher there and the kids simply love him. I love it when I walk in the mornings and Mr. Eric is playing his guitar as the kids arrive. I asked him to bring his guitar along for his son’s photoshoot so that we could capture that special passion of his. It was such a great experience to get to spend a Sunday morning with Mr. Eric and his lovely family. I think we captured some great shots the family will treasure for a long time to come.  Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 28 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 27 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 26 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 25 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 24 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 23 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 22 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 21 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 20 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 19 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 18 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 17 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 16 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 15 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 14 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 13 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 12 Family_Photographer_Maryland_NBP2016 11