What to Wear: Outdoor Portrait Session

This is possibly the number one question I get when preparing my clients for an outdoor portrait session. There are many factors that play into choosing the perfect outfit, so don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! No matter what the season or fashion trends during your portrait session, I will make sure you and your family look fabulous!

1. Dressy casual is best

Think Casual Friday meets Dinner Date. Classic, simple clothes that stand the test of time work best, especially if you are displaying these photos. You want them to be treasured for years to come.

-Jeans and a nice blouse or collared shirt.
-Roll up your sleeves to make a dress shirt more relaxed.
-Add accessories to create a sense of fun (a woman can hold a man’s tie, children can play with their mom’s necklace).
-Put away any large insignias, logos or characters, your children are so cute already, no need for a cartoon cat to steal the show.

2. Wear what you are comfortable in

This is not the time to break out the corset or itchy sweater vest. You want to be comfortable, so you can look naturally comfortable. Children also benefit from this rule of thumb; the last thing you want is a gorgeous picture of your children pulling at their necks.

3. Stick to solid, colored clothing

Avoid crazy patterns and all white and/or all black. These choices will take the focus off your beautiful portraits. You want your clothes to be a nonissue and compliment you and your family.

4. Don’t Match, Coordinate!

This is the most important piece of advice I can give you and your family! Pick three colors as your color scheme. Neutrals, like black, white, gray or tan, are freebies you can add-in to work with your three colors. Use online style boards to help visualize your outfits. Lay out your outfits on the floor to see how they will look together. Do you have all red on the left side? I will make sure to arrange you and your family so this is minimal but it helps for candids if everyone isn’t wearing bright red tops. Get creative, accessorize boldly, red sneakers on one child can coordinate with the red headband of another or dad’s red tie and mom’s red belt.

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