3 Ways to Embrace the Rain on your Wedding Day!

get it! It rained on my wedding day too. Not a misting…not a sprinkle…straight down-poured.

Our ceremony was supposed to be outside in the beautifully-landscaped gardens at Gramercy Mansion in Stevenson, MD but due to the rain, the ceremony was moved inside. And guess what? It was still as beautiful and intimate and romantic as I imagined the garden ceremony to be. So my first advice for you is to take a deep breath, have a glass of champagne (or two, in my case), and embrace it.

Mike Buscher Photography (July 2006)

1. Be Calm

It is what it is. You cannot change it. So why stress about it? Instead, take a deep breath and roll with it! Your wedding day WILL be one of the most beautiful and memorable days of your life (regardless of the weather). You are surrounded by your loving family/friends and you are marrying the love of your life….what could possibly be better than that?!

2. Be Prepared

Being prepared is the key to any stress-free event. Accounting for rain on your wedding means having a backup plan (or two). If you’re planning to have an outdoor ceremony, have an alternate indoor (or tented) backup location. Your venue will likely have a Plan B built into the day already. After all, they’ve probably done this a few times before.

Buildings with eaves or overhangs are great options for portraits on rainy days. Clear umbrellas will protect you from the elements and make for some fun pictures too. Wear comfortable shoes. If you are wearing heels, invest in some heel protectors and don’t forget the waterproof makeup!

3. Be Flexible

I was SO afraid to get my dress dirty that all of my wedding pictures (at my request, not the photographers) ended up being on this tiny little patio in front of the mansion. To this day, I regret this decision. Don’t be like me!!! Venture out there and don’t be afraid to get a little dirty. More often than not, there will be a small window of opportunity when it’s not raining and you’re able to step outside for a few portraits. Be flexible and trust your photographer!

Mike Buscher Photography (July 2006)

And last, but not least, don’t forget…rain on your wedding day means good luck!


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